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Rootes Film Poster

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In 2005 I left home for the first time and went to study at the University of Warwick. I lived in the halls of residence best known for partying, socializing and drinking: Rootes. Luckily enough, I got allocated a room in “New Rootes”, a newly constructed block with the same rent, same atmosphere, same people, but better facilities.

The first term I spent in L2 (L-block, second floor) was incredible. I met some of my best friends there, had an unbelievably good time and started off not only my university career but my life beyond the family home. Unsurprisingly, the people I lived with meant a lot to me. Many of them still do.

Mid-way through the term I began to mess around with Photoshop, modifying photos to achieve a cut-out effect I’d discovered and grown fond of in early 2005. After a while I showed the images I’d created to a few of my roommates, and their encouragement spurred me on to produce portrait images in this style for every person in the L2 kitchen.

Once I had these images it was only a matter of time before I turned them into a full-size poster.


This poster was great fun to produce, and looking back it conjures up some happy memories of my first term at uni. I liked it so much that in 2007 I got it printed on glossy paper at A1 size and used it as a poster in my lounge. It looks even better at full-size than I could’ve hoped.

In hindsight, this project taught me a very valuable lesson: always backup your work, keep the files you use to produce a final product, and never delete old work. Since rediscovering the PSD for the poster on an old CD, I’ve been dying to make a new version for housemates I’ve had in the more recent years. However, the portrait PSDs had already been combined to form the final poster and the process I went through to produce the original effect is lost forever.

I may have made some mistakes when messing with my filesystems, but all in all, this project was a definite success.

Project Information

  • Start date: 15 November 2005
  • End date: 11 December 2005
  • Status: Complete